Cinnamon suppliers and how to cooperate with them

Cinnamon suppliers are important partners to provide businesses with steady supplies of high-quality cinnamon products. Choosing one among a long list of names can be challenging, but this article will help you do that. 

Defining and locating cinnamon suppliers

Cinnamon suppliers are factories or businesses that distribute cinnamon products in large amounts to domestic and international clients. Many businessmen want to start working with cinnamon suppliers because cinnamon has become a popular and highly profitable product. Its various values in cooking and healthcare lead to growing interest among consumers and companies. 

Cinnamon suppliers are located mainly in Asian countries, including Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and India. There are two varieties of cinnamon: Cassia and Ceylon. The former is provided by 

Cinnamon products are now produced the most in the following six countries: China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, and India. These are divided into 2 main groups:

  • Countries with Ceylon Cinnamon products: Sri Lanka, Indian, Seychelles
  • Countries with Cassia Cinnamon products: China, Vietnam, Indonesia

Cinnamon in Vietnam

The amazing health benefits of cinnamon suppliers’ products 

There is a long list of how cinnamon positively impacts health:

  • Improving oral health
  • Combating fungal infections
  • Supports the digestive system  
  • An ideal choice for aromatherapy sessions as a mood enhancer

Top cinnamon suppliers you must know

If you and your business struggle to look for a trustworthy cinnamon exporter, you can check out this list of three prestigious ones that are well-known to importers.

K-Agriculture from Vietnam

K-Agriculture is a highly experienced cinnamon distributor in Vietnam. The company has clients from the USA, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. With years of experience in trading agricultural products and a team of skillful supporting staff, K-Agriculture works hard to deliver to its customers the finest Vietnamese cinnamon and the most excellent customer service. 



Contact K-Agriculture via:



Phone/Whatsapp: +84855555837

Business Site:

Vigon from the USA

Vigon is one of the most famous cinnamon suppliers for consumers in the USA. The company is characterized by its high-quality cinnamon of the Ceylon variety and over 3000 other products. 

Kanta Enterprises from India

Kanta is a family business with an excellent reputation in supplying cinnamon for both domestic and international consumers. Its supplies are GMP-certified and undergo strict testings before being delivered to the customers. 

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