Coffee bean manufacturers: Important things to know

Coffee lovers from all over the world seem to gradually increase due to the quality of coffee beans having improved. But few people know about coffee manufacturers, who bring them the special coffee they drink every day.

What are coffee bean manufacturers?

Individuals or businesses who take care of the steps after harvesting coffee beans are called coffee bean manufacturers. This includes various stages from processing, roasting, and packaging to having final products to sell to others. 

Distinguish between coffee bean manufacturers and coffee bean suppliers.

Although it seems to be the same, suppliers and manufacturers have their own differences.

  • A coffee bean manufacturer in business is an entity that sets up a solid process involving raw materials, process and usually on a large scale with different operations.
  • A coffee bean supplier is basically an individual or company which provides final products to a recognizable customer or consumer. They are responsible for the supply-chain management system, which provides a link between the manufacturer and the end-user.

Types of coffee manufacturers


The main product of coffee beans

There are two main types of coffee bean manufacturers:

Green beans coffee manufacturers

Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are two main coffee beans that are produced annually. To make green beans coffee, coffee bean manufacturers have to process cherries coffee after picking them up from the coffee trees. There are 3 methods of the process before finishing as green beans coffee, which is unwashed, honey processed, and fully-washed processes. 

According to the latest update report of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the global coffee production crop year 2020 – 2021 is expected to reach 175.5 million bags of 60 kg, 7 million bags higher than the previous crop year. In which, Brazil will probably occupy the large output due to the Arabica coffee crop of this country entering the year of good harvest of the biennial production cycle and high quality Robusta coffee beans wholesale reached a record production.

Roasted coffee bean manufacturers

Generally, roasted coffee bean manufacturers are from countries that are not directly harvesting and processing coffee. They mainly import raw coffee beans as materials from green coffee bean manufacturers and then make high-quality products like roasted coffee beans. The level of roasted bean has a variety from light, medium, medium-dark and dark depending on the customers’ demand and market share. 

Factors that affect coffee bean manufacturers

When it comes to manufacturing, the effects of supply and demand are all accounted for.

Effect of supply

In March, the global coffee supply faced many troubles when some coffee supply areas continued to maintain social distancing or re-distancing. At the same time, some coffee-growing areas also encountered bad weather. This has caused prices of all major coffees in the world to rise, which may make coffee bean manufacturers find it difficult to ensure the quantity and quality of coffee to spread to the market.

Effect of demand

Global coffee consumption in the year 2020/2021 is forecast to increase by 1.3%, compared to the previous year, to 166.6 million bags. The sharp increase in demand for home coffee has partly offset the decline in demand for coffee in hotels and restaurants in the context that many regions of the world are still having to apply social distancing and the global economy are facing many uncertainties related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Top 3 popular coffee bean manufacturers 

There are some coffee bean manufacturers that have contributed to the coffee industry in the world.

Trung Nguyen Legend – Vietnam

Trung Nguyen Legend has concretized its position in the international coffee market. This brand has been around for more than 20 years with around 60 countries worldwide as their export markets, namely the U.S., Canada, Germany, Japan, etc. Some of this manufacturer’s products include green wholesale coffee beans, roasted and ground coffee, instant coffee, and weasel coffee. 

K-Agriculture – Vietnam

Through the long history of establishment and development, K-Agriculture always set a goal to bring Vietnamese products to the world. Majoring in wholesale coffee beans, one of the leading exporting products of Vietnam agriculture, K-Agriculture has become a part of the main coffee bean manufacturers in Vietnam.



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HWC Roasters Food & Beverage – Vietnam

HWC Roasters was established with an aim to deliver high-quality coffee products, which specializes in both green bean and roasted coffee. 

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