Glutinous rice – the must-try type of rice

Glutinous rice is a staple throughout Asia. Although glutinous rice is not consumed as much as long-grain rice, it is special to create unique dishes that other rice varieties cannot do.

An overview of glutinous rice

Glutinous rice possesses striking features that a group of customers loves to eat this type of rice.

Definition of glutinous rice

Glutinous rice, also known as sticky rice, is a popular type of rice in Asia, especially sticky when cooked. It is processed into many delicious dishes. Glutinous rice is grown a lot in Asian countries, Laos is one of the countries with the highest glutinous rice production with more than 85% of this country’s rice production. In China, glutinous rice appeared more than two thousand years ago and according to legend, sticky rice was used as a glue when building the Great Wall.


Glutinous rice from Vietnam

Main features of glutinous rice

It has a shorter grain shape than plain rice, a waxy milky white color while plain rice has a slightly translucent milky white color. Glutinous rice has high adhesion, poor bloom when cooked. When ripe, the grains usually stick together, not spongy, longer when eaten. Glutinous rice contains a lot of amylopectin. (It is amylopectin that gives the sticky properties of the glutinous rice.)

Is it good to eat glutinous rice?

Eating glutinous rice helps you prevent some diseases and creates delicious meals.

  • Glutinous rice contains more vitamins and nutrients than other types of rice, especially black glutinous rice. According to scientific research, glutinous rice is a superfood, whose composition contains much iron, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin E.
  • Insoluble fiber and antioxidants in glutinous rice are effective in preventing cancer. According to Oriental Medicine, glutinous rice is hot, sweet, easy to digest, and warm to the stomach.
  • While plain rice is used daily in meals, glutinous rice has more diverse applications such as cooking sticky rice, making cakes, brewing wine, etc.
  • Regular consumption of glutinous rice can also prevent iron deficiency anemia. Thanks to amino acids and trace elements, glutinous rice also has the miraculous ability to increase the absorption of iron for the body when eaten with some foods such as green vegetables, fruits, lean meat.

Gluten free glutinous rice

How to cook glutinous rice?

In order to not waste much time preparing and still have a delicious and nutritious meal, you can try to cook glutinous rice with a rice cooker and follow the steps below:

  • Prepare boiling water. Wash the rice, add a little salt, pour boiling water over the rice and put it in the rice cooker. The important thing is the amount of water. You just need to pour very little water. If you cook much rice, you pour the water a little higher than the surface of the rice. Glutinous rice is done by steam.
  • When the cooker turns on the heating step, that is, the water has run out, lightly brush the rice with your chopsticks so that the top and bottom sides of the sticky rice are stirred evenly.
  • Keep it for another 5-7 minutes depending on how much rice you cook, unplug the power, open the lid of the cooker to let the heat evaporate and the water on the lid will not drip onto the rice. The rice grains will be dry and soft.
  • Enjoy your meal

Popular glutinous rice brands

Here are some reputable brands that specialize in glutinous rice for consumers’ references.

  • Pi Pat Glutinous rice

Pi Pit Glutinous rice has superior quality compared to some types of sticky rice of the same type grown in Cao Bang, Vietnam in a number of characteristics, such as: uniform grain, not broken, low broken rate, high in protein and some amino acids, when cooked, it is fragrant, flexible, soft but not crushed. Pi Pitt glutinous rice is used as a raw material to make dishes, such as sticky rice, gai cake, creating a delicious and aromatic flavor.

  • Kokuho Rice Sushi 

Kokuho Rice is famous for its quality. This glutinous rice is perfect for making desserts.  The rice might be too sticky and too sweet if you grab the first bite. It is still a really good choice as long as you are open to try new flavors.

  • Thai Sticky rice

This is an excellent glutinous rice brand with a rich history in Thailand. Thai Sticky rice is great for people suffering from protein deficiency. This is one of the best Thai glutinous rice brands that no one can disagree.

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