Must-known delivery terms of K-Agriculture

Whenever a buyer makes a purchase from K-Agriculture, they should always follow K-Agriculture’s terms and regulations in order that both sellers and buyers can proceed with the order smoothly.

Overall shipping information 

When you make a purchase with K-Agriculture, you are agreeing to our contractual terms. Furthermore, as both contracting parties have agreed, K-Agriculture will become your exclusive provider of products and services.

Delivery terms of K-Agriculture 

Delivery terms of K-Agriculture are always built to support customers best.

Sample delivery

Customers will receive FREE samples whenever they want to make an order, but the shipping fee will be paid by them. The sample will be delivered within 3-5 days. 


K-Agriculture Factory

Whole order delivery 

  • Small package: door-to-door shipping & all-in shipping
  • Small packages purchased from K-Agriculture will be sent in the form of door-to-door shipping or all-in shipping, depending on customer choice. Moreover, sample orders are shipped by renowned companies, such as DHL, VPS, FedEx, TNT. As such, these companies will ensure that you receive a reasonable delivery time.
  • Large package: containers, semi-covered or bareboat. Especially, when importing cinnamon in bulk, K-Agriculture always supports customers to package carefully. 
  • Large volume packages will be the main package with low value when purchased from K-Agriculture will be sent by sea in containers, semi-covered or bareboat. There is also a complex customs procedure, and so the shipping price will be lower. 
  • Sea shipment’s advantages  
  • Great transport capacity
  • The cost is among the lowest among the modes of transport due to the large tonnage of ships
  • Suitable for transporting most types of goods in international trade, especially bulk cargo such as ore, coal, grain, oil

Air shipment’s advantages 

  • Natural routes, shortest routes
  • Less dependent on terrain conditions
  • Fast speed, high mobility
  • As the safest mode of transport due to the fast transit time, the probability of risk is lowest. The route flies directly in the air, so it is less dependent on terrain and geographical factors
  • Always use high technology
  • Simplify documents and procedures

Beneficial effects 

Air transport only accounts for 1% of the volume but accounts for 20% of the value of the total import and export goods in international trade.


K-Agriculture Office

Airfreight has the 1st place in transporting the following items:

  • Letters, parcels
  • Courier goods
  • General cargo
  • Goods with high value
  • Goods that are perishable over time
  • Goods that require fast delivery to meet market needs and opportunities

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