Special things about Vietnamese cinnamon powder

Cinnamon powder is a credit of Vietnam. It has been receiving a tremendous love and trust of cinnamon powder customers.


Vietnamese cinnamon powder:  A quick view


Before getting to know the advantages of this product, it is vital to browse through the general information below.


Cinnamon powder

The production process

After being cleaned and removed the outer layer, cinnamon bark is gone through a strict dryness process until it has a particular level of dryness. Finally, dried cinnamon bark is milled into powder, ready to release into the market.

Product index

To be ready to sell to the buyers, Vietnamese cinnamon powder has to pass several strict cinnamon tests to ensure that it is 100% safe for instant usage. For example, if Vietnamese traders want to export the powder to America, it is a must to achieve an ASTA certificate. 

Oftentimes, Vietnamese cinnamon powder’s mesh size is from 30 – 50.


Vietnamese cinnamon powder: The production capacity


Vietnam has more than 150,000 ha to merely cultivatie cinnamon trees. Cinnamon bark and leaves from which are used to manufacture cinnamon products mainly used for exporting purposes. Besides, cinnamon powder is one of the most popular  commodities to merchants due to its high profits and affordable price.


Vietnamese cinnamon powder or Indonesian cinnamon powder?


Those two countries are two largest cinnamon exporters in the market. In 2019, Vietnamese cinnamon exports value was $175M and that of Indonesia was $149M, which poses some difficulties for buyers when it comes to choose to purchase either of them.

Vietnamese cinnamon powder “equips’ ‘ itself a stronger and more aromatic flavor, compared to Indonesian cinnamon powder. In addition, the color of Indonesian cinnamon powder is lighter than Vietnam’s cinnamon powder.


Recommendation of 3 biggest Vietnamese cinnamon powder companies


The list below will be really helpful if you are struggling with finding a trustworthy Vietnamese cinnamon company


Being the largest cinnamon company in Vietnam, VINASAMEX is a company which is able to guarantee the quality and quantity of cinnamon powder.


Having around 20 years of experience in selling agricultural commodities internationally, the company is a very great choice if you plan to purchase cinnamon powder in bulk.

Contact us:

Website: https://k-agriculture.com/ 

Email:  info@k-agriculture.com

Phone/Whatsapp: +84855555837



Que Viet

Located in Yen Bai province – a hotspot in producing cinnamon powder in Vietnam. Que Viet is a firm guarantee for the quality as well as quantity of the products. 


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