Top 3 most prestigious cinnamon suppliers

Before coming to the reliable list of cinnamon suppliers, it is important to go through some general information below.

Cinnamon suppliers: A quick view

Cinnamon suppliers are intermediaries taking responsibility in connecting buyers and sellers. Their duty is also to give customers vital product information and ship goods to the buyers.


Brief history of the first cinnamon stick recipe

Typical products

There are 2  main types of cinnamon in the market: 

  • Cinnamon Ceylon: produced from the bark or leaves of Ceylon cinnamon evergreens, which equip itself a unique ‘spicy and woody smell. It is mainly used in lowering the pain of sickness and stimulating inflammation treatment.
  • Cinnamon Cassia: Produced from the bark or leaves of Cassia Cinnamon trees, it’s a perfect combination of warm, spicy, intense aromas, along with sweet flavor. It is mainly used to get rid of germs due to its extremely strong anti-germ effects.

Locations of cinnamon suppliers

The majority of cinnamon suppliers are distributed in Asia, with Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and China as prime names. It is because cinnamon’s ideal growing conditions are tropical or subtropical. 

Elements affecting the locations of cinnamon suppliers

There are 3 main elements.

Abundant cinnamon supply

In 2019, Vietnam had exported 175 million dollars of cinnamon products, lifting it to become the largest cinnamon exporter all over the world.

According to an annual report of OEC, Sri Lanka is also a great destination for Ceylon cinnamon retailers.

Rising customers’ demand

In 2019, the US was reported to be the largest cinnamon importer with $124M in value. Following is India with imports value at $91.9M

In addition, Mexico and Bangladesh are recognized as promising cinnamon importing countries.

Governmental policies

Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers, in recent years, receive tremendous support from the government by lots of bilateral and multi-bilateral agreements such as EVFTA or CPTTP, which do wonders for lowering export and import taxes.

Guidelines to work with cinnamon suppliers

There are 3 crucial steps: 

  • Locating trustworthy cinnamon suppliers

High-quality cinnamon suppliers obtain clear profiles, compulsory quality certificates, and excellent history records.

  • Scammers are likely to have too low prices, vague profiles, and early payment requirements.
  • Ways to find cinnamon suppliers: Internet, embassies, or agricultural fairs 

Full leads to work with cinnamon suppliers

First, buyers send an LOI (letter of intent) to sellers telling their requirements about cinnamon products. Then sellers answer it by sending back an FCO. Two sides reach to sign the final contract. Following that, sellers send exporting goods to buyers. Receiving goods, two sides do after-sale services. 

Top 3  best cinnamon suppliers

This list will be helpful for ones struggling with finding a good supplier.

Lak Cinnamon 

Having more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing cinnamon products, Lak Cinnamon ensures to give buyers selective Ceylon cinnamon products. 


K-Agriculture is recognized as one of the leading top quality Vietnamese cinnamon wholesalers

Besides, the cinnamon product range here is really diverse.

Contact us:



Phone/Whatsapp: +84855555837




Kanta Enterprises 

Based in India, the company is famous for its diverse types of products at a reasonable cinnamon wholesale price such as organic cinnamon oil or stick cinnamon.

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