Vietnamese long grain rice: One of the most consumed types of rice

Vietnamese long grain rice raises its reputation thanks to the high positions of some rice varieties in the global rice contests. Consumers increasingly trust the quality of Vietnamese long grain rice.

Brief information of Vietnamese long grain rice

Almost all rice consumers in the world have heard something about Vietnamese long grain rice and need to try it at least once in life.

Definition of Vietnamese long grain rice

Vietnamese long grain rice is one of the main 3 groups of rice cultivation in Vietnam. Vietnamese long grain rice has a slender and long grain, which is almost 4-5 times longer than it is wide. The rice grains are soft, dry, and suitable to accompany side dishes, paellas, and salads. Vietnamese long-grain rice supplies much protein and vitamins, which boost your energy and prevent diseases.

Main locations Vietnamese long grain rice is cultivated

Vietnam has many favorable conditions to develop rice production and from north to the south, rice is cultivated everywhere.

  • Mekong Delta and the Red River delta are the two largest rice cultivation areas in Vietnam. Vietnamese long-grain rice is mainly grown in these regions. Rice production of the Mekong Delta and the Red River Delta is over 29,551 thousand tons and 6,007 thousand tons respectively. Both are long-standing production areas and have many favorable conditions. With the seasoned experience of farmers, Vietnamese long grain rice meets the standard to export to picky markets.
  • Besides, Vietnamese long grain rice is also cultivated in the Central Coast and some mountainous provinces in Vietnam, however, the output is not huge and just contributes a small quantity of exporting Vietnamese long grain rice. 

Different types of Vietnamese long grain rice

Here are some typical Vietnamese long grain rice varities that are the favorite food of a big number of customers.

  • Jasmine rice

Jasmine rice is one of the most popular Vietnamese long grain rice. With large markets like China, the Philippines, in 2020, exporting Vietnamese jasmine rice accounted for 33% of the total volume. This type of rice is slightly fragrant and sticky. Its FOB price is about 600-680 USD.

  • ST rice

ST rice was voted as the most delicious rice in the world with many rice varieties namely ST05, ST24, ST25. This Vietnamese long grain rice is fragrant with pandan leaves, sticky even when cooled. Its main market is China with a CNF price of 650USD.

  • OM5451

OM5451 is a type of Vietnamese long grain rice, which is consumed most in the Philippines because this market makes up 60%.  Its FOB price is quite cheap, about 480-530 USD.

  • IR504

IR504 is popular with Malaysians and Filipinos who eat rice every day. The length of grain is 6.2mm, when cooked, rice is soft and fragrant. Its FOB price is the same as OM5451’s.

Factors affecting the development of Vietnamese long grain rice

The growth of Vietnamese long grain rice is subject to some main elements that suppliers have to adjust to meet the customers’ needs.

  • Rice production

In 2020, rice yield is estimated at 58.7 quintals/ha, increasing by 0.5 quintals/ha; the Quantity of rice is estimated at 42.69 million tons, in which most of the volume is Vietnamese long grain rice. Therefore, rice production is stable and ensures a sufficient supply.


Ways to cook Vietnamese long grain rice

  • Rice demand

Demand for Vietnamese long grain rice is huge as Vietnam has large markets to consume rice like the Philippines, Malaysia, China, etc. Rice imports into the Philippines in 2020 reached 2.3 million tons, compared to the previous high record of 2.9 million tons in 2019. This figure is enormous and the Philippines trusts in importing Vietnamese long grain rice

  • Governmental policies.

The Vietnamese government facilitates exporting and producing Vietnamese long grain rice when many FTAs were signed to easily trade with foreign countries and spend a part of the budget supporting rice fields.

List of top Vietnamese long grain rice suppliers

Here are some reputable and reliable Vietnamese rice suppliers that customers could consider and buy Vietnamese long grain rice in bulk.

Vinafood II

VINAFOOD II owns a system of factories and warehouses, mainly in the Mekong Delta provinces to serve the storage and processing of agricultural products for export with a total storage capacity of 1.15 million tons, the total capacity of the rice processing, milling, and polishing system is 740 tons/hour, equivalent to 3 million tons/year. Their main Vietnamese long grain rice products are jasmine rice, OM rice, etc.

K-Agriculture Factory

With a 25-year development history in agriculture, K-Agriculture Factory has exported rice to over 80 countries and has a system of modern factories with 2500 MT/day of milling capacity and 400000 MT of storage capacity. K-Agriculture Factory’s products include rice, coffee, and spices. Vietnamese long grain rice is the most popular.


K-Agriculture office

If you are interested in K-Agriculture’s products, feel free to contact us via:



WhatsApp: +84 855555694


Van Loi company

Established in 1995, Van Loi company specializes in the production and sale of high-grade rice, processing and exporting rice… To export rice, Van Loi’s Vietnamese long grain rice must endure a strict process to guarantee the quality. Their main products are OM5451, jasmine rice, etc.

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