Vietnamese long grain rice: Various types and the differences between them.

Vietnamese long grain rice is a favourite of many customers. When it comes to long grain rice, many people don’t know that it is not the name of a rice but actually a group name that includes many other kinds of rice.


Classifications of long-grain rice

  1. An overview of Vietnamese long grain rice 

With the diversity in culture and natural conditions among regions, white rice is divided into long, medium, and short grain rice, in which long and short grain rice are widely traded.

Remarkable features of Vietnamese long grain rice to distinguish from others

  • Appearance: Long grain rice is a type of rice with thinner and elongated grains, usually  having a length of three to five times its width.
  • Aroma: light
  • Texture: Due to Amylose starch content, long grain rice has a dry texture with relatively low adhesion ability. When it cooks up, long grain rice’s texture is fluffy and light. The grains are flexible even though they are cooled down.
  • Indian and European people enjoy famous dishes made from long grain rice such as Kumbh Pulao, Risotto, and Baked Beans with Buttered Rice.


Areas produce long grain rice in Vietnam  

Vietnamese long grain rice varieties are grown in the Mekong Delta and South Central Vietnam, often exported to Africa, Southeast Asian countries, America – Latin America, China. For example, Rice 4900, developed in the Mekong Delta, has high economic value, yielding 5-7 tons/ha.


  1. Vietnamese long grain rice varieties

Many long grain varieties are awarded the most delicious rice in the rice contest. These long grain varieties maintain high quality and unique taste through the years.


Jasmine rice – the popular Vietnamese long grain rice

Jasmine rice is grown in the Mekong Delta, when cooked, the rice is sticky, lightly fragrant, the rice is still soft when cooled. Therefore, Jasmine rice is popular in countries such as the US, Europe, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, and Ghana. This type of Vietnamese long grain white rice is moist, so it softens when cooked and has a slightly sweet taste. The fragrant rice grains are a bit sticky when cooked, although it is less sticky than sticky rice. In the first 4 months of 2021, Jasmine rice export accounted for 36,0% of total export.


OM 5451 rice – one of the most common Vietnamese long grain rice

OM 5451 rice was bred from 2 rice varieties Jasmine 85 and OM 2490 for high yield. This Vietnamese long grain white rice is grown popularly and widely in the Mekong Delta. OM 5451 rice brings high nutritional value, helps provide and replenish energy quickly for the body. OM 5451 with the quality of rice meeting export standards, so this rice grain is always on the best-selling list in several countries such as the Philippines, East Timor, Africa, etc.


ST25 rice – the tastiest Vietnamese long grain rice

ST25 rice is the best Vietnamese long grain white rice, successfully crossed by engineer Ho Quang Cua. ST25 rice grains have a unique aroma of pandan leaves mixed with the aroma of young nuggets, which are easy to smell even when the rice is still fresh. In the first 9 months of 2021, more than 3,100 tons of ST25 rice were sold to the world market, an increase of 9-10 times compared to the same period last year.


  1. Vietnamese long grain rice: Recommended brands supplying long grain rice

Vietnamese long grain rice is a competitive product which is supplied by more and more companies

ResHP Joint Stock Company 

ResHP Vietnam Trading & Service Joint Stock Company owns a system of ResMart stores with large, key rice warehouses in Ho Chi Minh City and some neighboring provinces. ResMart specializes in the wholesale supply of agricultural products such as clean rice, vegetables, dried fruits, etc. But mainly the company thrives on high-grade, high-end rice. In which, ST25 rice is the line of Vietnamese long grain white rice exported to foreign countries that many people are interested in.

K-Agriculture Factory 

K-Agriculture Factory is regarded as one of the best rice companies in Vietnam. With the modern factory, milling capacity: 2500 MT/day and storage capacity: 400000 MT, K-Agriculture Factory has exported rice to over 80 countries and received many good feedbacks from global customers. 

Contact via:

WhatsApp: +84855555694



OM504 Rice and OM5451 Rice

Sunrise Food rice exporting company

Sunrise Food is specializing in the production and export of high quality Vietnamese long grain white rice. Sunrise Food’s rice products are currently available in Africa, Russia, EU, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Pacific Islands, Taiwan, etc. Sunrise Food’s rice products are verified by strict quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC). Other certificates include ISO, HACCP,…



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