Vietnamese short grain rice: Everything to know about this tasty rice

Vietnamese short grain rice with tasty flavor and appetizing fragrance is now prefered by many customers.

Vietnamese short grain rice: An overview

Vietnamese short grain rice has a round shape. When cooked, almost all Vietnamese short grain rice has a soft and sticky texture compared to all lines of rice. In addition, Vietnamese short grain white rice has high quality, mainly grown in the provinces of the Mekong Delta. Its outstanding characteristics are bloated, dry, spongy, and no aromatic rice.

Types of Vietnamese short grain rice

These are some famous Vietnamese short grain rice.

  • Glutinous rice

Glutinous rice is a type of Vietnamese short grain rice popular in Asia that is especially sticky when cooked. What distinguishes sticky rice from other types of rice is that glutinous rice does not contain amylose, on the contrary, it contains very high amylopectin content.


Vietnamese short grain rice

  • Japonica rice

Japonica rice has been popularly grown in Vietnam since 2015. Japonica rice grains are round, flexible because of their lower amylose content and contain amylopectin. When cooked, white rice grains are fluffy and round like pearls and have a sweet taste and nutrition.

Main locations of Vietnamese short grain rice

Vietnam has the two largest growing area of short grain rice

  • The Red River Delta
  • Mekong Delta

Where to buy Vietnamese short grain rice

You can find Vietnamese short grain rice from this places

  • Grocery store
    Rice varieties are sold well at grocery stores. This is a place to sell many different types of rice to suit the needs of consumers. Mainly in Vietnam long grain rice will be more popular but Vietnamese short grain rice is also sold in bulk.
  • Internet

With the booming of e-commerce platforms, now customers could buy Vietnamese short grain rice from qualified suppliers at factory prices. Through Amazon, eBay or Alibaba, businesses need to have a legal business license, so customers could trust in products with high quality at competitive prices.

  • Vietnamese rice exporters

Connecting with big Vietnamese rice exporters is one of the best ways to buy Vietnamese short grain rice. They will assist customers order, deliver the cargo and provide the best service.

Vietnamese short grain rice from K-Agriculture Factory

Possessing 25-year experience in exporting agricultural products, K-Agriculture Factory is one of the top rice suppliers in Vietnam. Vietnamese short grain rice they are selling are Japonica rice, Japonica 5% broken rice. Besides, K-Agriculture Factory possesses HACCP and ISO certificates so products are guaranteed quality.



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