Vietnamese white rice: Competitive market with great benefits

Vietnamese white rice is a market that every trader should consider to invest in to gain profits.

Vietnamese white rice: An overview

In 2020, Vietnam exported 6.25 million tons of rice with an export value of 3.12 billion USD, decreasing by 1.8% in quantity but increasing by 11.2% in value. Hence, Vietnam is regarded as the second-largest exporter of rice in the world.

The overall trend of Vietnamese rice export is decreasing in volume but increasing in value and exporting high-value rice. In 2021, Vietnam is expected to produce 41.5 million tons of white rice, decreasing by 2.8% compared to 2020.


Vietnamese white rice

Varieties of Vietnamese white rice and the significant differences

There are 4 main groups of Vietnamese white rice: High-quality delicacy, Normal aromatic rice, Normal long-grain rice, Sticky rice. Each group is differentiated by its characteristics and varieties.

High-quality delicacy rice: ST05, ST20, ST21, ST24, ST25, and Japonica is tender, chewy, and has pandan- leaves fragrance when cooked.
Normal aromatic rice: Jasmine, OM18, Nang Hoa, DT8-Dai Thom. This group shares the same characteristic in its chewy, tender, and long-lasting fragrance.
Normal long-grain rice such as OM5451, IR 504 has a milky white color.
The famous Aromatic sticky rice belonging to the Sticky rice group has a milky white color just like normal long grain rice but its shape is rounder.

Top 3 Vietnamese white rice exporters

These are the most notable Vietnamese white rice exporters to trade with.

  • K-Agriculture Factory

With the experience of 25 years in the market, K-Agriculture Factory has gradually become one of the best agricultural product exporters of Vietnam. Besides prominent white rice, K-Agriculture also provides other products such as coffee, cashew, and spices.Having an advanced milling and polishing chain with a capacity of 15000 tons/month, along with a 21500-ton storage capacity, K-agriculture factory has exported their products to over 80 countries around the world.

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  • Quoc Te Gia Company

Gia International Joint Stock Company was established in 2008, through 13 years of development has now become one of the leading Vietnamese white rice exporters. The estimated total annual export of Vietnamese white rice from Quoc Te Gia is 300,000 tons. The company’s rice is exported and consumed in more than 30 countries and markets around the world.

  • Vietnam Intimex Joint stock corporation

Vietnam Intimex Joint Stock Corporation is designated as the leading Vietnamese white rice exporter.

In 2020, Vietnam Intimex Joint Stock Corporation exported 497,000 tons of Vietnamese white rice.

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