Finding High-Quality Suppliers of Vietnamese remy hair extensions

Remy hair extensions are the preferred choice for businesses, along with the expanding trend of varied hairstyles. The most crucial aspect that affects both businesses and individuals is high-quality Vietnamese remy hair extensions. Check out the following article to learn how to select a Reputable Supplier to use the product.

Basic Vietnamese remy hair extensions Information You Should Know

Before starting a hair business with any partners, here are some things you should know about Vietnamese remy hair extensions.

What is a Remy Hair Extension?

Remy hair extensions are made of actual, unprocessed hair from one or more donors that has been organized from top to bottom.

The maintenance of the hair cuticle during the Remy hair collecting process, despite it might have undergone some sort of steam processing even though it might not have been coloured or permed, remy hair extensions still have high quality. 

Remy hair extensions’ characteristics

Here are the responses to frequently asked questions about Remy Hair Extensions from new users.

  • Remy hair extensions are produced in some countries like Vietnam, Hong Kong, India,…
  • Vietnam has emerged as a top source of Remy hair extensions in recent years, with hair that satisfies the highest standards: Because Vietnamese females prefer using natural shampoos or washing their hair with locust water directly, the main donors for Vietnamese remy hair extensions are between the ages of 15 and 25 and have pure natural, strong, lustrous black hair.
  • Remy hair extensions last for three to six months ( lasts up to 12- 25 weeks and more). Be wise when selecting a Remy hair source if you want to buy Vietnamese remy hair extensions that will last. To ensure longevity and care, always buy the highest quality Remy hair because you may use various heat style techniques and wash your hair just like your natural hair.

Various Vietnamese remy hair extensions Types

The unique aspect is how unprocessed hair is reorganized to serve various purposes. To choose the best Remy hair extension for your company, you should be familiar with the four primary types listed below.

  • Natural hair extensions are sewed into a fixed seam and are known as short hair extensions bundles. Firms, especially those from Russia, the EU, the UK, and Brazil give priority to Remy hair extensions that are sewn in. They can last up to six months or more.
  • Tape-in remy hair extensions: Tape-in remy hair extensions are actual hair that has been assembled and are covered with adhesive. Heat will be used to melt the adhesive when it is applied to the hair.
  • Clip-in remy hair extensions: Natural Remy clip-in hair extensions are useful since you can wear them consistently every day for three to six months. Additionally, the clips are simple to use and may be taken out as needed to relax the hair.

What Hairstyles Are Possible With Remy Hair Extensions?

Many diverse hairstyles are possible with Remy hair extensions, including straight, naturally wavy, curly, and a variety of colors. Real Remy hair is simple to wash, blow-dry, curl, etc.

  • Because the structure of genuine hair is so much superior and more lasting than that of synthetic hair extensions, chemical treatments (perms, straightening, heat styling, etc.) on Remy hair extensions can still produce the results you desire.
  • It is impossible to bleach hair extensions brighter (unless they are pure virgin hair). After bleaching or dying, remy hair extensions can not have an even color tone.
  • To be more exact, this is because Remy’s hair has already undergone a chemical process of chemical washing, thus adding another chemical (bleach) could trigger a new reaction that could alter the texture and quality of the hair. In this situation, it is wise to think about bleaching Remy hair extensions and switching to basic hues to preserve the longevity of the hair.

The ideal place for you to purchase Vietnamese remy hair extensions is 5S HAIR.

The first hair factory in Vietnam was 5S Hair, which offers a variety of high-quality Vietnamese remy hair extensions. They supply wholesale hair dealers all around the world, including Russia, Brazil, the UK, and the US, and they mostly concentrate on European hair extensions.

  • High-quality Remy hair extensions from 5S Hair Factory could be mistaken for Virgin hair extensions, which are more expensive. Although carefully chosen, their Remy hair is of the same caliber as the other hair in the bundle. The greatest choice for Remy Hair Extensions is 5S Hair Factory because of the price, which is still extremely competitive.
  • According to analysis, it can be challenging to bleach and color remy hair extensions, but with 5S Hair, this danger is quite minimal.
  • Particularly, the expert working method of 5S Hair can meet the strict standards from enterprises such as standard Remy hair weight, standard hair color, necessary thickness & length, and no hair error. 


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