Vietnamese hair extensions: The first choice for hair lovers

You know about the hair extension market in Vietnam, but do you have a good understanding of Vietnamese hair extensions products? With many outstanding features compared to other hair extensions products in the world, Vietnamese hair extensions are leading in the current trend.

Overview about Vietnamese hair extensions products

Vietnamese hair extensions are highly appreciated in the world hair extensions market because of many outstanding features from the quality of hair to the treatment of Vietnamese hair.

Definition of Vietnamese hair extensions products

First of all, for any type of product, you should understand what those products are so that you can decide whether to buy it or not.

  • Vietnamese hair extensions are hair traders who collect raw hair materials from all over Vietnam and then select the best materials to make it. Vietnamese hair extensions products are always guaranteed in terms of quality as well as price.
  • Not only in terms of high quality with naturally cared for raw hair, but also in extremely favorable prices because. The supply of hair dealers is very diverse and the purchase price is also very cheap.
  • With Vietnamese hair extensions, customers will be extremely reassured because Vietnamese hair is famous in the world for its softness, shine. It has a black color that especially highlights the black color without any mixing of chemicals or colorants.

Types of Vietnamese hair extensions products

Some designs of Vietnamese hair extensions are very often made to sell to the world hair extensions market.

  • First of all, it is indispensable that the traditional hairstyle of Vietnamese hair extensions products is straight Vietnamese hair extensions. With this hairstyle, manufacturers do not need to spend too much time on processing their hair or straightening them because the main source of materials comes from women with long hair that is then trimmed to bring them to the market. Therefore, those materials are usually very straight and manufacturers only need to comb and tie them neatly and then proceed to divide them to produce Vietnamese hair extension products.
  • Next is a hairstyle that is popular today, which is curly Vietnamese hair extensions. Curly hair is not a popular natural hairstyle in Vietnam and also because natural curly hair is quite dry and difficult to handle, curly Vietnamese hair extension products are all products that have undergone various stages of treatment caused by chemicals. Because curly hairstyles have become popular in recent years, curly Vietnamese hair extensions have also been spread more widely. Although it has been processed to make straight hair curly, the hair still retains its original good characteristics, so it is loved by customers.
  • And Vietnamese hair extension products still have many different designs, but basically there are 2 main types: straight hair and curly hair. These hair types are all made based on the beauty needs of the customer to be able to get the most satisfactory hair. For each product, Vietnamese hair extensions have different lengths or thicknesses from which to expand the Vietnamese hair extensions market and popularize them in the world hair extensions market.

Sources of Vietnamese hair extensions products

Let’s learn about the origin of ingredients for Vietnamese hair extensions below:

Vietnamese hair capital at any level is considered to have many good characteristics suitable for the current hair extension market and the first indispensable is virgin hair. This is a type of hair that can be said to be a luxury in today’s society when not many people have this hair and intend to sell them. Therefore, Vietnamese hair extension products made from virgin hair must be said to be one of the high quality and affordable hair extensions products.

Next is a coarse hair that is more known than remy hair. Vietnamese hair extensions made from remy hair are often sold better than virgin hair because its quality is also good and the price is much more reasonable. Remy hair is also easy to find in the raw hair market, thereby making the number of Vietnamese hair extensions many times more than virgin hair.

And there is also a small part of Vietnamese hair extensions made from hair pieces collected from the salon but this type is not popular because it does not guarantee the consistency in terms of hair length as well as hair quality. Therefore, to make a brand of Vietnamese hair extensions, it is necessary to choose the best quality raw materials.

5S hair factory: High quality Vietnamese hair extensions products

5S hair factory – a wholesale hair vendor is leading in providing Vietnamese hair extensions products from the new hair extensions market in Vietnam to the experienced world hair extensions market. It is one of the great successes in bringing Vietnamese hair extension products to the world market with not only the quality but also the beauty of the hair cared for by natural herbs of Vietnamese women.

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