Weft hair extension: Products never go out of fashion

Weft hair extension is the best-selling hair extension product in all hair extensions markets with extremely diverse designs and many different sources of materials.

Customer’s demand for Weft hair extension

As society develops more and more, people are more and more concerned about appearance as well as shortcomings on the body. Especially with the hair that determines a lot to one’s beauty, the more attention is received from hair lovers. Researching and discovering great benefits from the hair extension market, many hair dealers have developed this market and achieved much success in recent years.

Weft hair extension is also becoming the representative product of this hair extension market because when it comes to hair extensions, no one is unaware of weft hair extension. With many different types of weft hair extensions, they will receive different sources of profit, so the hair extension market has researched and created many types of weft hair extension products to serve this potential market of hair extensions. Moreover, having many designs especially stimulates the curiosity of customers thereby increasing sales of hair extensions markets around the world.

Some information about Weft hair extension

With great profits coming from weft hair extensions, how does the hair extension market make quality wefts? Let’s find out:

The origin of Weft hair extension

The origin of raw hair will greatly determine the quality of weft hair extensions products, so the hair extension market always focuses on these sources.

  • For any hair extensions market, there are different types of raw hair materials and typically three types: virgin hair, remy hair and non remy hair. Also depending on the quality, coarse hair is divided into 3 such types. The first is virgin weft hair extension, which is the best quality hair with the same quality and length of hair from the roots to the ends. This type of weft hair extension not only sells at a high price, but also sells in large quantities because everyone has the notion that they must use the best products, so weft hair extensions made from virgin hair are popular.
  • The second type of raw hair material is remy hair. This is a common hairstyle in the hair extension market and is much easier to find than virgin hair. However, this type of hair does not have the same length and quality, so it is often sold at a cheaper price than high-quality hair like virgin hair. Therefore, weft hair extension products made from remy hair are also very reasonably priced from the purchasing stage to the production stage. So most hair extensions on the market today, not only weft hair extensions, are made from remy hair.
  • Non-remy hair is the least popular style because its quality is not appreciated in the market today. Weft hair extension products made from this material are also not very popular because its use time is quite short and its quality is not as natural as the user’s real hair because of some damage.

How much does Weft hair extension cost?

In order to choose a satisfactory product, in addition to the material and design, users are also very interested in the price of these products.

  • The price of weft depends on many different factors such as product material. If the weft hair extension is made from virgin hair, it is clear that its price will be relatively high compared to the common ground. Because it not only gives a silky smooth feel to your hair, but it’s also very natural and doesn’t show when you use them.
  • If it’s a weft hair extension made from remy hair, the price will fluctuate in general, neither high nor low. Because this material can be said to be popular in the market, it is easy to find, and to be able to compete with other hair extensions markets, hair dealers will often set the price of the product at mid range.
  • As for the weft made from non remy hair, its price can be seen as not too competitive but more like a companion product of the remaining high quality products. Or for those who have never used hair extensions, you can also refer to this hair type to try to see if you are suitable for a weft hair extension so that you can buy the most suitable products.

5S hair factory: Where you can find every kind of Weft hair extension

5S hair factory has all kinds of styles as well as quality in length and color of weft hair extensions on the market today. When shopping at 5S hair factory, customers can receive a lot of incentives because the prices of the products are already very reasonable, and there are more discount programs that will make users happy about weft products. Moreover, weft hair extension products are all made from high quality Vietnamese hair extensions, so users as well as hair dealers can rest assured when buying at 5S hair factory.

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