Chinese hair and Cambodian hair are the two most prevalent types in Asia. Since women seek more beauty from weft hair extensions, the hair industry is more busy than ever. Can customers differentiate them, though?

Compare the essential differences between Chinese hair and Cambodian hair.

The first section of this article will provide you the most thorough explanation of Chinese hair and Cambodian hair by contrasting the two hair types’ origins, traits, and costs.

Compare the places where Chinese hair and Cambodian hair originated

In actuality, Chinese hair and Cambodian hair are the two forms of hair that are sold in every country where hair is produced.

Compare the places where Chinese hair and Cambodian hair originated
  • A hard fact is that Chinese hair is not Chinese hair. In modern society, Chinese hair is also referred to as Asian hair because it encompasses all varieties of Asian hair, with the exception of Vietnamese.
  • In actuality, China imports all of its raw hair from countries like India, Brazil,Malaysia, Bangladesh, and even Cambodia instead of using the hair of its own citizens for commercial purposes. They then create weft hair extensions in all shades and haircuts using cutting-edge technology.
  • When comparing Chinese hair and Cambodian hair , it can be said that raw best wholesale hair vendors in Cambodia are somewhat comparable to Chinese hair. Unlike Chinese hair, which is imported, Cambodian hair is produced by the Cambodian people. Like many other hair suppliers, hair is sourced from ethnic communities, particularly ethnic minorities that enjoy sporting long hair.

Evidently, when comparing Chinese hair and Cambodian hair, Cambodian hair outperforms Chinese hair extensions since it has a distinct hair origin that fosters customer confidence.

Chinese hair and Cambodian hair  are compared for their respective hair’s traits.

Chinese hair, also known as Asian hair, is a mixture of several different hair types.As a result, it differs significantly from Cambodian hair in many respects. Cambodian raw hair has a thick cuticle that is sufficient to protect the inner layers of the hair strands, encouraging hair health from the inside out.

Compare how much Chinese hair and Cambodian hair cost.

China is one of just two countries that sells goods related to hair at this time. They charge a wide range of prices for the many hair types they provide, from the most affordable to the most economical. The most competitively priced hair is available from this renowned Chinese hair factory.


Compare how much Chinese hair and Cambodian hair cost.

Compared to Chinese hair, which offers a wider range of prices, Cambodian hair is more expensive. Prices may vary as a result of market rivalry among hair providers. However, when comparing the prices of Chinese hair and Cambodian hair, Cambodian raw hair vendors are typically far less expensiv

Information on Chinese hair and Cambodian hair 

Chinese hair and Cambodian hair can be used by the majority of Asian, African, and European customers. 

  • Depending on the demand from the client and the client’s capacity to pay for the service. However, it will be more difficult for customers from Europe, who commonly choose Vietnamese hair for its smoothness, gloss, shedding, and knots.
  • Virgin hair from Cambodia can be used to create any desired hairdo. They can also be painted in a variety of shades, from light to dark. Thanks to modern technology, hair vendors in China can create the hairstyles and colors they choose.
  • However, because Chinese products typically mix synthetic and human hair to make them more aesthetically pleasing to buyers, customers frequently reject Chinese goods. You should therefore use caution when buying items made from Chinese hair or Cambodian hair.

The first Vietnamese hair factory in Vietnam, 5S Hair Factory

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