The greatest choice for the African market is Vietnamese bone straight hair

Nigerian women are renowned for having stunning, curly, black hair. Many people frequently enquire as to how they manage to create such lovely curly hairstyles when they style their own hair. The truth is that the instruments that few people consider—hair extensions—are what give those curly and bouncy hair their shape.

What is Vietnamese bone straight hair extension

Bone straight hair is thin and seems to be exceedingly smooth. Vietnamese bone straight hair extension is completely unprocessed hair that is bone straight and created entirely of Vietnamese human hair.

Demand for Vietnamese bone straight hair extension

The market for hair, including hair that is perfectly straight, is increasing globally.

  • Statistics show that in the last five years, sales of human hair have surged by 70%.
  • People are becoming more conscious of their appearance. The popularity of social networks has increased consumer demand for cosmetics and grooming products, which has helped to advance the hair industry. The market value of Vietnamese bone straight hair extension has increased in part due to rising celebrity fashion trends awareness.
                          Vietnamese bone straight hair extension is never goes out of style
  • Due to its versatility, compatibility for many outfits, and young appearance, Vietnamese bone straight hair extension is a haircut that never goes out of style.

The market for human hair, particularly Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions, will continue to develop in Africa. With more than 400 million African women under the age of 40, fast urbanization is a major factor behind the growth in demand for hair straightener and other hair styling products across the continent. Nigerian hair is short and frizzy so that’s why Nigerian women often want to purchase Vietnamese bone straight hair extensions. 

The rapid trend and the wholesale industry for weave hair

  • Over the years, the hair business has experienced a worldwide boom, driven primarily by an uptick in demand for weave hair wholesale. This was followed by the expansion of the Vietnamese bone straight hair extension market, and the product that has received the most attention is wholesale weave hair.
  • Because it can generate a fatal appeal for women, whether it is soft femininity or hot charm, weave hair is a perennial favorite hairstyle.
  • However, not everyone has strong, thick, and silky hair that can be curled, leading to a sharp surge in demand for hair extensions and fueling the wholesale market for weave hair.

5S Hair Factory – The top wholesaler of Vietnamese bone straight hair extension

One of the top hair extension factories in Vietnam, 5S Hair Factory is a pioneer in the field of wholesale products for hair extensions, including weave hair. This manufacturer was chosen to start our list of the top weave hair wholesale suppliers because it satisfies all of the criteria we outlined, including pricing, quality, and customer feedback.

                                                         Review of 5S Hair Factory
  • The wholesale weave hair offered by 5S Hair Factory is produced entirely of Vietnamese hair, a type of hair that we value highly based on the analysis indicated above. When cared for without chemicals, hair is entirely pure.
  • The origin of one’s hair is a common issue for many who use hair extension products, and 5S Hair is very transparent about it. Only virgin and remy Vietnamese hair, which is collected from one to three hair donors and has an incredibly high level of cleanliness and purity, is used in this weave hair wholesale factory.
  • 5S Hair Factory receives custom hair in accordance with the demands of customers and has an incredibly broad weave hair wholesale portfolio with countless styles.


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