K- Hair Factory: Vietnamese hair vendor achieving worldwide reputation

K- Hair Factory appears to be the leading hair extensions distributor in the Vietnamese hair market. Furthermore, they have a wide range of long-term collaborators from Africa, such as Nigeria, and America, such as Brazil, as well as Europe. What is the secret to get that high grade of reputation and the loyalty from international consumers? This writing is definitely valuable for whoever wants to take up or improve your hair business as it provides the hidden story behind the success of K- Hair Factory.

The K- Hair Factory, which has been in the hair industry since the 1990s, has a wealth of experience. The headquarters of the corporation are in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital and the country’s fastest-growing metropolis. K- Hair Factory is led by CEO Daniel, who has a strong desire to see the company rise to the top of the worldwide human hair extensions industry. The team has been hard at work developing long-term relationships with additional foreign markets. K- Hair Factory, in particular, has three businesses in Vietnam, Nigeria, and the United Nations that have all grown significantly to achieve this goal.

To begin, let’s take a look at K- Hair Factory’s international customer base. K- Hair Factory is a significant Vietnamese hair factory with decades of experience providing human hair bulk to European, African, and American clientele as well as local hair vendors. K- Hair Factory supplies weft hair or wigs for African ladies because their natural hair is short and scant. Customers in the United States are more likely into hairstyles such as clip-in hair, ponytails, and pixie curls… Meanwhile, the European barber shops mostly purchase virgin and raw hair, which they then bleach and color according to their clients’ favor. K- Hair Factory sells tape in hair to retail customers in this region who want to thicken and prolong their natural hair.

There are staff from departments Marketing Head and Admins & Others to be in charge of supporting the consumers and cooperators. The significant point to mention is the helpful team from K- Hair Factory that is available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week to respond to any questions from potential customers. Customers may examine the quality of the goods via video conversations with K- Hair Factory sales representatives. If you’re new to the hair industry, the team can assist you in selecting hair types appropriate for your needs as well as hair styles that compliment your face shape and skin tone. The newbie might inquire about hair origins, hair kinds, costs, and even logistical assistance. Multiple staff hotlines are listed on the company’s website and can be reached at any time.

The major role of production in K- Hair Factory is taken by the Supply Head. It signifies that this department collects and examines the raw hair from native women living in rural and mountainous areas in Vietnam. When compared to other countries, Vietnamese human hair is regarded as the most valuable hair material because the country’s atmosphere, along with the limited use of chemical treatments on the hair, retains the natural hair’s strength and silkiness. The hair source is the same, as the hair of those local women has comparable qualities.

After that, personnel in this area of the K- Hair Factory will treat the material to turn it into extension products. When there is an order of human hair extension, this Head is also in charge of the packing and delivery procedure.

The CEO and staff of K- Hair Factory have made extensive use of social media and the Internet in order to acquire international attention. K- Hair Factory has had a Youtube channel from its inception, where promotional films for the brand are posted. The films are a few minutes long and feature a variety of topics as well as excellent editing. The factory’s channel rapidly received the Silver Button thanks to the K- Hair Factory crew’s tireless efforts. There are catalogs that contain articles on understanding hair kinds, as well as hair care recommendations and guidance. There are also secrets and keys to this vendor’s success disclosed on the official website of K- Hair Factory.

In a brief, there are multiple factors that make the brand of K- Hair Factory become well-known in the international market of hair extensions. Of course, there are still some secrets that have not been revealed; however, these criterias above are enough to explain the massive reputation of K- Hair Factory. The former and present clients of K- Hair Factory always give the praise on their high standard of human hair extensions along with the pleasing prices and the finest customer support. If you are considering starting a business with an Asian hair distributor, K- Hair Factory would be a great option.

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